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whatever you do...DO NOT BUY CHEAPO Ebay ONES! i learnt that the hard way lol..

I have been through two sets of cheap control arms and bushes in less than 3k miles! first set failed an MOT, they got replaced under warranty and tracking was done immediately after...then less than 100 miles I could hear rattling from the driver side front...after jacking up this weekend the outer ball joint has gone already...bloody junk!

gonna replace them yet again but with Meyle HD parts this time round.

if you are doing this yourself, its not a difficult job...just one annoying nut to undo on the center ball joint on the exhaust need to use an open ended spanner/wrench and move it 5 mm, then rotate the wrench, another 5mm....and so on and so on! it takes an age! the other side you can do in seconds using a load of extentions through the engine bay. if you buy a kit that doesnt come with the bushing some, they are stretch bolts!

as for RTABS, if you are in the UK and near me in Portsmouth..i have the special tool and you are welcome to borrow it.
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