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Originally Posted by tranceasia8 View Post
Easiest way to test it is to roll down the driver side window. Arm the car, reach in and either unlock the door by pushing the button or just grab the handle. The doors should unlock, just open it and it should go off.
I did the put the window down and reach in to press the unlock button, and opened the door from the outside. Got nothing. Used key fob to lock again, and now it stopped working. Had car 7 years and had never once, ever failed to lock/unlock and flash the corners. So I'm freaking out and open the door and the key in ignition buzzer starts buzzing. Key is in my hand. Shut door, buzzer stops. Open door, buzzer on. Oh, and the mod never did work, AND NOW I REALLY FEEL DUMB because key fob and ignition buzzer thing is a result. Any ideas?
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