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Originally Posted by 0-60motorsports View Post
Guys, Love your service and parts BUT you really need to add more parts to your site
Hopefully soon! We prefer to have parts on hand instead of going to dropshippers, so buying suspension or performance parts for all the cars and models would be quite a big chunk of change, something we don't quite have yet !

Originally Posted by Retrax View Post
Glad you are making strides to be reached by chat and phone Dean. That is a huge factor for me when deciding where to take my business and spend my money.
We agree with you that it should help out the business, but more importantly help out customers get answers quickly, and cut down on email conversations which if we could talk 'live' would only take a few minutes instead of days and hours!

Originally Posted by CoupeMagic323ci View Post
Had push in corner problems. (DUE to BAD instructions provided by KHOALTY) got shooed away because my order didnt have a high enough value it seemed like. thats my experience. - let us know where you experienced an issue and we will be sure to adjust the guide, most of our guides are actually from BMW's own TIS manuals!

Originally Posted by Cscat87 View Post
Love you guys. Ordered my grilles for the E46 and headlights/taillights/HIDs for the E36 from you. Best service ever.
Thanks for the kind words!

Originally Posted by ExcelonGT View Post
its great to hear a vendor sticking by the e46. I plan on keeping my 04 ZHP for at least a couple more years. Just put in a new clutch at 125k and overhauled the whole suspension. My baby is still awesome to drive and I look forward to continue pampering her with 'goodies' from keep up the good work!
The ZHP is a great car, and we aren't going anywhere in the years to come on your car, we will be adding more OEM parts in the future which should benefit you more than all the aftermarket pieces especially on a facelift coupe

Originally Posted by JakStraw View Post
Have ordered from you guys a few times and will continue to do so in the future.
Nice and thanks for the support

Originally Posted by zooswanko View Post
A phone line and quicker shipping options would definitely be good improvements and is why I had to go with umnitza for many orders. Umnitza also offers pre painting for body parts which is something you dont offer. Just my input.
Phone line is soon, we hope, just hard with so few employees and so many customers and orders, especially when we do our best to get everything out ASAP - the faster we ship, the less build up of things we have to do, really increasing and maintaining quick shipping times helps us out more than it helps out you (or so i'm told while i'm packing boxes!)

Originally Posted by HardPark'd TT View Post
I've bough a few cars since my e46's but I still turn to you guys for lighting needs and recommend anyone I come across with an e46 to you guys. I've always been happy with the service

No if you just carried e85 Z4 parts...
Z4 would be quite the excursion as there's not many parts, but we are always looking to add products, considering the Z is in close relation to the 3ers, it might come sooner than later

Originally Posted by alpine003 View Post
Thanks for continuing to support the e46 community.

Any ETA on the switchback 1156 LED's? They've been out of stock for quite awhile and wondering if you still plan on carrying them?
Those switchbacks we had issues with, even with resistors, we tried a few other ones as well and just had problems, not sure if you remember the threads about them but we offered refunds to most customers and didn't take the bulbs back, we want to make sure they work 100% of the time, on our cars tey worked, out in the wild, not so well, so we aren't exactly sure where the bumps were. but it is a great product and really one of the last pieces we could sell for the E46
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