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Originally Posted by fanatic128 View Post
Ok.I think I'm going attempt the RTAB . I'm reading about having to preload unless I get the powerflex.
Can someone tell me how the powerflex feels for normal day to day driving. I don't
want a hard feel every bump ride , will the powerflex give me this ride?
So preloading is pretty much tightening the center bolt while measuring from center hub
to top of fender which the DIY below explains. Doesn't seem like a big deal but if powerflex provides a good ride
I rather go with that. I was thinking of ordering the Meyle HD rears on BMA for like 18 bucks.

also the power flex below seem to not have that metal around the rubber bushing. I do see a slotted part.
where it be obvious where that slot needs to be lined up to the housing bracket?
I may be late in my response but don't let the preloading thing put you off one bit. I overthought it for a couple years and when I actually went to do the job I realized it was largely paranoia. Just realign the carrier in the general angle it came out (mine in particular lined up PERFECTLY with a line on the trailing arm.) You'll have to rotate the bracket on the trailing arm slightly before applying final torque otherwise once you torque it down, the bracket will rotate slightly causing the final angle to be off. You'll see what I mean when you actually do it. no biggy!
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