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Originally Posted by fanatic128 View Post
I a little confused as to which bushings in the rear I need to change. Are these the lower and upper rear control bushings?

and then it seems I need to also install

Is the below statent referring to the blue parts? what's the red part called?
Replace these at 60,000+ miles. Worn bushings will degrade rear-end stability and basically cause your rear wheels to excessively and unexpectedly to steer. You'll notice this especially when accelerating from a stop.

I'm trying to determine which bushings in the DIY the video below changed? did he just change the blue ones. Why would the red one not be changed at the same time?

Yes the red ones are the trailing arm bushings. The other bushings don't see the same forces/load/wear as the trailing arm does since the trailing arm bushing is at the end of a long arm. The other bushings are typically lifetime but is good to replace them anyways as you approach 200,000 miles. They require a special tool set and is best to do when the entire subframe is down. It's a big nasty job.


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