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Originally Posted by TitaniumCranium View Post
Maybe it depends on the state, I'll grant that, but what I stated is correct, and I have done it three times. What you brought into the conversation is an additional variable, filing a supplemental for additional damage. Again that is also something that you can work with the autobody shop with and do the leg work yourself, filing the supplemental and getting it covered based on evidence the body shop brings forward. In this state the body shops do a lot of the leg work for the adjusters. If things get expensive you're probably going to be contacted by an adjuster that may want you to take it to someone else. Rarely do they want to come and see it, but who cares if they do... providing it's legitimate.

Accidents happen so frequently in the bigger cities like Seattle that the adjusters just call you for 5 minutes on the phone and tell you to go visit a couple of autobody shops and fax them the quotes. Maybe it happens differently in other states but I can't imagine how it's that much different given the amount of work a single adjuster needs to get done in a day.
This is completely based on company policy. I worked in a big city, had more work than I could possibly deal with, yet our company doesn't authorize work based on shop estimates regardless.
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