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Should definitely give you a deal, but I've only ever known one dealer to do it for me. That's why they get my business.

I used to buy from this place called Shooters in Jacksonville. Huge inventory, terrible customer service, better than average pricing, but not the best. In my time shopping there, I brought them at least 10 customers and myself, I spent over $6000 there and bought at least 5 firearms myself. Total, I probably brought them $40,000 in business.

The last time I went in there to pick up my Benelli, it was a sunday. Its an NFA item and they called to tell me that I could pick it up. They never told me WHEN I could pick it up. So i showed up on Sunday after flying in from NY and had the paperwork with me to pick it up. The manager told me he wouldn't release it to me because the person that handled the NFA stuff wasn't in to look over the paperwork. He wouldn't call the person to do it over the phone, wouldn't do it himself, and was an asshole in general. That gun alone was a $1750 weapon and he was completely uncooperative in making it reasonable for the customer. He wanted me to drive down to Tampa and come back up sometime the next week. I came back the next morning and have never been back. Not only that, I have told everyone not to shop there anymore.

I used to go in there to buy weapons with people; one time it was a Glock for me and my friend was going to buy one too. The wouldn't budge on the price at all, for buying both. They have zero customer loyalty and have never gone out of their way to beat their competitors or keep customers.

I now use a dealer who always gives me bottom dollar pricing and always strives to make deals with me.

Some dealers are just dicks...doesn't matter how much you spend with them or how much business you bring them.

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