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Originally Posted by bmxpert86 View Post
Nice, I hope you get everything all sorted out once and for all.

Where the hell is the seller? He sure as hell spewed BS when their was a problem or someone was scammed. He got involved and threw salt in wounds when he felt someone was wronged, I'm officially making a cartoon about is shady ways, just like he did so many times.

Sorry Being, I'am so pissed that you are going through this. I have been on this forum for quite some time and reading your PO's rants about being wronged and how he portrayed himself as a good guy and it just really grinds my gears that your going through all this. I wouldn't even comment on anything if it was a little hiccup but you have endured enough. These problems were not disclosed and you deserve some money back for all the costs your enduring.

Best wishes, every time I check your thread it seems like your almost in the clear and BAM another problem and car still not 100%. I really hope everything works out.
The problem is now known and with the stereo and other mods the original owner added is most likely a contributing factor with TPS voltage noise effecting the AEM. Ill be disconnecting the amp and a few other things and see how that helps it or not. I'm close and HPF has been great throughout this whole issue. As far as where the owner is I suspect he is going through some personal and financial issues. It's certainly not an excuse but I do understand and have forgiven him and moved on. I like to think that he is a good person regardless of his mistakes.
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