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Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
Small update.
Came up with a plan to make the E-flash tool work (it's not working because my DME was reflashed with 330 tune and the VIN was not programmed). I will get the car reflashed back to stock (indy shop with Autologic), then use the E-flash to load a custom tune for the 85mm pulley. Once we get that running then we'll try to go back to 83mm.
Interesting thing I learned from this - ESS says the car would drive even with the stock tune as long as I'll keep it under 40% throttle. I'll test it tomorrow.

Subframe reinforcement kit ordered (HPF). The spare engine in the garage is collecting dust. I don't feel like dropping another 10K into the low compression engine right now but who knows ...

Edit: Interesting. The car runs just fine with the stock tune.
i am running 02 sims too but but kept my o2 installed so I can prevent the "heater" error codes
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