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Originally Posted by Zell View Post
Mine does that too, it's most likely buildup. I personally think I have something else going on, when I spin my rotor with the wheel off I can actually feel it having more friction in certain places and less in others as I spin it, and I see no buildup anywhere. If you have cementite that has gotten on there, you'll need to resurface them, but you need to be doing some really hard braking.

You can resurface the rotors and use old pads, you just need to bed them in again. The rotor is harder than the pads. It may take more than a few bed-ins, but it'll all settle out.

I don't know about balljoints, but bushings can affect braking performance as well.
You hear the brake rotor rubbing more in some places than others with the wheel off because there's only 1 rotor hold down bolt. It doesn't fasten the rotor evenly to the hub. That hold down bolt is there more or less to keep the rotor in place while bolting the wheel on...which does evenly apply pressure. A lot of cars with studs (like my brother's Lexus) don't even have anything to hold the rotor down.
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