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Originally Posted by SH4DY View Post
It takes a whopping 15 minutes max to strap a car down and do a pull... how did they not have time? It's hard to tell how much of an impact a weeks time of driving, adaptive learning, weather change, etc will have. Also, is the test car really swapping exhausts prior to the re-test? That makes it even more apples to oranges...

Also, that's a very veeeerrryy slow pull. I feel sorry for your engine. I dyno'ed mine on a Mustang setting the weight as 2,500 lbs and aero to 10hp and even then it seemed to take forever. Did they have it set up for curb weight or a timed pull? We always had to set the weight to 70-80% of the actual curb weight otherwise the pulls were too long and too taxing...
we ran out of time because the shop closed at 6pm yet the car didn't get off the lift for the install until 7:15pm on the install day. Tech took a few too many smoke breaks during install so I had to pay the price (and sit there all day).

if all of that concerns you it shouldn't - you'd be seeing much more conservative gains in this case rather than some over stretched gains when they added the performance parts - not took them off. besides a tse-3 muffler and stock muffler aren't doing much performance wise anyway - the tse-3 was just welded behind the stock resonators. as for the adaptations - car wasn't driven at all as they bend one of my o2 sensors so I left it in the garage until I went back.

I don't work the dyno (either does Anthony). They do whatever they do because thats how they do it I suppose. They said they wanted a more accurate run in 4th gear so I let them do that instead of 3rd. I assume the weight has SOMETHING to do with the calculations of power and if it doesn't then whatever - it is a 60-120mph pull.
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