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Originally Posted by lucky_doggg7 View Post
Dude - that is a small rock stuck between the rotor and the dust shield that is located on the backside of the rotor, or it is the rotor rubbing against aforementioned dust shield. I had this same noise after haphazardly cutting (and I must have inadvertently bent the dust shield) so that it rubbed against the rotor when I installed my Brembo rear bbk. Remove the rear wheel, get a long screwdriver and insert it between the rotor and dust shield, then perform a prying motion all around the rotor's perimeter to move the dust shield away from the rotor.

This sounds exactly right to me. I have had this happen two or 3 times. Twice I was able to reach through the wheel and push on the shield and hear the rock drop out. Another time it was really jammed and I had to pull the wheel off.
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