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Originally Posted by jfoj View Post
Before I would be jumping on the crank sensor, I would be checking the battery/charging Voltage.

You should be able to bring up the Hidden OBC Menu and be able to monitor you Voltage directly on the OBC display.

Crazy battery/charging Voltage can generate some strange faults and cause the dashboard to light up like a Christmas tree!

Would have never believed this until I witnessed it first hand.
Battery charging voltage consistently 13.8 volts at idle. I have put a meter accross the terminals, ingition off of course, and it reads 12.5 volts which is ok. So I doubt there are any battery issues.

Tell you what I did notice as I was going through the live datasteam at idle. Ignition timings were flicking between 1.5 and 2.6 degrees which is to be expected. The fluctuation, that is. Not sure what the correct range should be because I can't find it anywhere in my manuals. Still there is no hunting. Its quite hypnotic, actually, just staring at flickering numbers. However, every now and then the number would leap up to 41.3 degrees. No perceptible change in idle. Almost like it was for one cycle. Idle speed is 746rpm. It is undoubtedly just an anomaly, because if the timing was that far out the engine just wouldn't turn. You come across anything like that before?
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