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Thanks for the information guys. Im thinking its deposits too. I did paint hubs on the rotors come to think about it. So it could be paint buildup. I am familiar with the bed in process and will also try that.

I am doing a new front end in the next week or two and will give it all a good cleaning. Hopefully all the new parts will help the braking feel.

How bout my other question? If I resurfaced the rotors would I ruin my old pads or newly resurfaced rotors by not changing my pads? I realize that the pads are softer than the rotors and they may conform to re surfaced rotors, but I am wondering why the guy at the parts store who seems to have experience in re surfacing rotors would suggest that I would ruin my used pads and need new ones.. ? Was he just trying to sell me on his lifetime replacement $19.99 brake pads?

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