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Originally Posted by dnikov View Post
Damn tnx for all the hate guys what a nice welcome to this forum. Ya this was one of my first post but I was not trying to show of or anything like that just sharing my video. And I do know what a handbrake is and I would ve using it if I had a clutch I don't wonna rip it up in a smg scared it might fk something up. I had other plans for the car it was gonna be a track car but right now i dont have the money to make it a complite track car and for now its my daily driver. This was my first time trying drifting thats why in the beging of the video its just power sliding I was just getting a feel for the car. At 3:51 that was like a 45 mile entry and a pretty nice drift. By next year I'm hopeing to have a manual swap so I can acsually clutch kick or use the handbrake. In a smg you really have nothing to work with other than the power.
Welcome to the forum lol i personally enjoyed the video and I kind of recognized some of the areas lol where at in chicago?

Anyways don't use the stock handbreak to lock ur rwd smg m3 lol, tha fvck are these ppl on? won't lock up ur wheels, idk i get sideways in my one wheel wonder open diff all the time just downshifting and yea powersliding, who cares its a great rush, but tryin the handbreak doesnt do ****, just beeps haha u can keep on waiting for a wheel lock
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