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Originally Posted by Rockyminator View Post
Here are the rotors set:

But I think you need the full upgrade kit with the calipers because I believe the calipers are bigger on the zcp brake upgrade:

Prepare to pay at least $3,200 for bigger brake upgrades.. brakes don't come cheap
The calipers are exactly the same size - there is a bracket that you will need to accommodate for the 1" bigger ZCP rotors, that is all (front only).

I personally wouldn't look for a used set - with the cross drilled rotors they are prone to spider cracking from hole to hole(normal with cross drilled rotors). In truth, the cross drilled rotors don't actually 'do' anything and are more for looks nowadays than actual performance. With the brake pad technology evolving over the years, the gas release from pads under braking events is almost non-existent. When you have a drilled rotor you are actually decreasing surface area for the heat to disperse across and the rotor can actually get hotter than a standard blank or slotted rotor.

EDIT: Oh and by the way - I have a set of 365mm Alcon's (complete with rotors/calipers/pads/lines just as you would purchase direct from Alcon) with less than 500 street miles on them for sale - asking $2,200 or the best reasonable offer.
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