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Originally Posted by Alki View Post
Bought a 2002 325i about 4 months ago. I drive approximately 400 miles to and from work on a weekly basis. Around the 350 mile mark, my low oil light comes on and I have to add 2 quarts of oil.

So basically, I'm burning through 2 quarts of oil every 350-400 miles. There is no oil puddling anywhere underneath the car when parked in my garage.

However, if I start the car in the morning (40 degrees F to 50 degrees F) and let it warm up for 10 minutes prior to driving it, I will notice a spot of oil at the tail pipe on the ground approx. 3"-4" in diameter.

With this much oil consumption, could this be more than just a possible Oil Separator or CCV issue?
Your oil is collecting in the undertray and blowing on the freeway as you drive. That's why you don't notice it dripping.

Replace the oil filter housing gasket and valve cover gasket for starters. Your oil filter housing gasket is definitely completely failed.
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