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Originally Posted by Alki View Post
Thanks for the quick reply, Mango. My OFHG has absolutely no signs of oil anywhere near it. Motor is clean. The same can be said about my valve cover gasket.

I will check closer this weekend and take your advice. However, what could be causing the oil to be coming out of my exhaust when I warm the car up in the mornings?

Thanks again for the reply.
Are you sure about that? If those gaskets haven't been touched by now at this mileage and age then I would say there's a 95% they're both leaking. when you say oil in the exhaust, do you mean smoke? if so, what color is the smoke?

Oh and "warming up your car in the mornings" is just about one of the worst things you can do to your car. People think they're babying their car when in fact they're doing the exact opposite. it's also relatively destructive to the environment.
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