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Originally Posted by E46Mango View Post
theres nothing at the back of the car that can leak engine oil unless its running down the exhaust pipes. whens the last time you had the engine stripped of its parts? you can't really see leaks unless everything is stripped down. and if everything was stripped down, you would have replaced the parts that cause this leak in the first place.

this leads me to believe you haven't thorougly checked your engine for wetness down below where you can't see.
I'm certain that the oil is coming out of the exhaust.

I had the oil pan gasket replaced 2 weeks after I bought the car and I got under there to see it personally. 2 weeks later, I took it back so that we could get another look under there and everything was dry.

However, the oil he used was Castrol Edge 5W30. Once the oil consumption started about a month ago (which was much lower than it is now), I started putting 0W30 Edge (European Blend) and it got worse. 2 weeks ago, I put 10W30 in there and it's been using the same amount. This week, I went back to 5W30.

Maybe it's me switching oils, but I doubt it.

I just want a fix and I will start with the CCV and a fresh oil change. If this doesn't fix the problem, I'll move on to another vehicle and ditch this one.
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