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Originally Posted by Bimmerguy82 View Post
So I am from WA born and raised, have had a concealed carry permit for 8 years and am currently building an AR-15. But I will most likely moving to SoCal in a few months and am wondering about their retarded gun laws? Can you legally own an AR in CA without breaking any laws or getting into trouble? Do you need to register it? Their gun laws make me sad...
Your barrel has to be a minimum of 16", you can run a 14.5" barrel but you must have a muzzle device pinned/welded on to make it 16" OAL. Your rifles OAL has to be 30", you must run a bullet button if you want to have evil features( forward pistol grip, flash hider, collapsible stock). Magazines can not exceed 10 rounds, unless you legally own pre ban mags before the ban took effect in 2000. If you want to run your rifle the normal way with no bullet button, you must have a non-collapsible stock (a2 style or pinned stock= OAL 30"). Can not have a pistol grip so you have to run something like what they call "monster man" grip and I believe you can't have a flash hider also. You can find a lot of info about weapons in CA on a forum called ""

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