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Originally Posted by Nt_loader View Post
No im in TX
A few things:

1). I'd go with a Remington 870 over the Mossberg. This used to be a really close debate, but I've heard some really bad stuff about mossberg lately. Rumor has it they lost their military contract?? And their reliability and build quality has been shoddy of late, so I've heard.

2). You could do two types of setups with that cash.

SETUP A: S&W M&P 15 Sport + Aimpoint/Eotech + a few mags. (Keep AK)

SETUP B: Colt 6920 + Aimpoint/Eotech + a few mags + some ammo (Lose AK)

Or you could go for some sort of other AR at between 600 and 1000 and grab the optic. You'll want an optic with the AR...thats a given

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