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Originally Posted by zhp43867 View Post
How do you like the Tora? Is it still a coil spring fork? I'm looking into a 29er that comes with the Tora after selling my (too expensive) bike.
Well, according to the orig spec sheet, my 2007 Rockhopper has a:

RockShox Tora 302 SL, 100mm, Mag lower, coil spring, alloy steerer, 32mm Cro-Mo stanchions, rebound adjust w/ lockout and preload adjust

It has worked just fine for me. I'm a heavy rider (200) and I don't have any trouble with bottoming it out. It seems to me to be smooth and it's now almost 5 years old and has never needed service. I've read that it's a comparatively heavy fork, and thats probably true. My bike is no featherweight, but despite the fork, it doesn't feel particularly nose-heavy to me.

There are two *s on my assessment, though. First is I don't really ride a bunch of gonzo terrain. A fairly big drop for me is something about 4 curb-heights high and a really big uphill bump is about 2 curb-heights tall. So it's not like I'm out there pushing the limits. Well, I'm pushing my limits, but probably not the bike's, lol.

Second is that most of the other bikes I've ridden have been WAY higher end bikes than mine and usually not on terrain I've ridden before. Going from my entry-level aluminum hardtail to an $8,000 carbon fiber full suspension Kashima 29er is not a great way to isolate the fork for sake of comparison.

So I like my Tora, but you've gotta take my endorsement with a grain of salt.
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