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I been thinking about this today. While I will be replacing the crank position sensor and the fuel filter on Monday I'm not convinced that was the problem. Initially I described the symptom as a cut out. But when I think about it a little more it was more like someone suddenly stamping on the brakes but momentarily. Like the brakes just kicked in. The fact that the DSC went into off mode after the second event was a puzzle but I now think it might be a DSC fault and it was the DSC that stamped on the brakes. No DSC codes mind you. Just the cps code. Does this ring any bells with anyone? Feasible? Anyway, I am driving with DSC off for the time being to see how it goes with the new cps and filter. I'll switch it on after a couple of weeks and if it happens again that should give me a clue. Thoughts anyone?
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