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Originally Posted by badfast View Post
Disappointing, but I am wonder what is happening behind the scenes. The FBI counterintelligence unit doesn't get involved when some official is banging some piece on the side. Are they concerned about possible leaks, blackmail, etc.? Do they believe there is a national security risk? Both individuals were US citizens, and Paula Broadwell certainly doesn't appear to have hostile intentions towards the government. Why the FBI counter intel is involved is something we may never know.

Speculation about avoiding Benghazi inquisition is just that...speculation.

Overall, I think Petraeus is a great leader. His contributions to this country should not be overshadowed by this, apparent, lack of judgement.
Agree, it is a shame, and shocking.

FBI CI can get involved for a myriad of reasons ranging from things like espionage, to even acting on information only to reveal (hopefully in this case) an extramarital affair. Of course, having an extramarital affair, one can be subjected to blackmail and is at risk. It really depends on what they find out.

I guess we'll have to wait and see what happens.

From CNN
According to a U.S. official, the FBI had a tip that Petraeus was involved with his biographer, Paula Broadwell, and investigated the alleged affair to determine whether it posed a security risk.

The FBI was not investigating Petraeus for wrongdoing. The concern was that he could potentially be blackmailed or put "in a vulnerable spot," the official said.

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