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Sorry, another question.. My touch screen appears to be very erratic, for example, when I enter text it frequently types the same letter twice, and most frustratingly of all, when I scroll up and down in the Android system (e.g albums in Winamp or email or news), it is practically impossible (either using your finger or the included stylus). Invariably the act of moving your finger up and down the screen either selects the area that you are sitting on so for example will play a song that you don't want to play, or either move the screen up and down so fast that you have no chance of selecting the area that you want to.

To be honest the touch screen is the worst I have ever used in any device, it is practically impossible to use.

Just wondering if this has been noticed by other users as I am thinking that I either have a duff unit or this is something that I just have to put up with, it's such a shame, it has so much potential, but if you are driving and want to change track or album it wouldn't be possible (or at least not safe).

Thanks all

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