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Originally Posted by Forcfed93 View Post
Just an update. I had the compression spring purchased already and decided to just go ahead and tackle it because it would need to be fixed regardless of the not going into gear issue.

Well, I checked all of the springs while I was in there. The one under the bolt was good (as was the steel ball). The one under the plate on the other side towards the top (actually 3 springs in there) were all good.

The one under the steel plug... Well, I'll just post a picture.

That little spring not only affects high speed shifting, but when it loses all pressure, it won't even allow it to go into gear. The pieces were actually coiled into itself so it effectively made the spring shorter, losing all pressure.

Smooth as silk now and it only cost me $20 for everything (shipping too).
This is an issue that can also show up by failing the full adaptation, even though all gears may be selectable when driving. It causes a gear position implausible error which means there's not enough spring pressure on the locking pin, thus the shift rod actuates to far. The gear position sensor picks up on this when comparing all the other shift values; Mainly 6th and 5th, as the test usually fails by 4th gear.

The extent of what occurs when this spring goes out can vary from not being able to select gears when driving to what I've mentioned above, in regards to failing full adaptation. That's usually the point where everyone starts scratching their heads and some may go to lands end throwing every part at the trans trying to narrow down the fix.

Moral of the post: Replace the $5.00 spring and $17.00 locking pin first. If you're doing this on the car I suggest also picking up a blind plug as well so you'll have no apprehension about destroying the old one when removing it. Makes life easier!!

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