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PC Recovery Help - XP Recovery Disc?

I came across a really old Dell Inspiron with about 1gb of ram, and a slow sh;tty processor that hasn't been used in 4+ years... so I booted it up with the intention of trying to install a linux OS.

I downloaded an lubuntu iso to install, however my DUMB ASS tried to reformat the HD before just running the lubuntu iso from a bootable flash drive (16gb). The laptop was having so much trouble, I just want to completely wipe everything on there- but now when I try to turn it on, one of two things happen:

Windows could not start because the following file is missing or corrupt:
Please re-install a copy of the above file.
So I went into the BIOS settings and moved USB Drive to position 1 to boot from, then disc as #2, and then internal HDD to #3.

If I put the flash drive with the lbuntu iso file in there, it says:
BOOTMGR is missing
Press any key to restart
So right now all I can get is a black screen with DOS style white text. Does anyone know how to get around these things?

Can anyone help me find an ISO of an XP recovery disc (either SP1, 2, or 3) (I don't know which) to hopefully resolve this?

Thank you guys,
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