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Originally Posted by GaM3cocks View Post
Ok so I took it to get looked at and it's not throwing any codes. No leaks, brakes are great (aftermarket slotte and drilled rotors) coolant system is great. Sub frame is great, the tech drove it said the motor was runnin really strong. Sounds great. Not running too lean or rich (tech was surprised?) all the eletrical checked out.

Will need new tires on the stock wheels. He's including then rep BBS's in the sale. Sellers is replacing the headlight bulbs and fogs...interior needs a good cleaning.

The previous owner plastidiped all the Chrome that is starting to peel. (I'm going to peel it all off if I purchase) the owner has an aftermarket steering wheel, but will be including the original (which I will be swapping)

So far so good!!
I think it's worth paying for a comp/leak down
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