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Originally Posted by copracr View Post
You didn't have an answer for me, whatever. In my experience pistons rarely wear out. Sometimes they they wear out the landings, but most often something happens to them to destroy them e.g. ran lean, overboosted, over-speed melting, etc.

I thought maybe BMW pistons had some high tech property which made them wear out- like those nikasil cylinder walls or something.
Hit my previous post on the head, well done. Do you honestly think, I'd sell you a used piston and encourage you to put it in your engine? REALLY??? If a crank is scored, a rod is bent. I can detect that, how a used piston will work in your motor. I have no idea, you are making me out to be a dick. When in fact, I'm trying to save you from yourself, without giving you an explanation of why.
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