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Originally Posted by Alki View Post
The oil is coming out of the tailpipe, it's not running down it. There's no leaks on the ground when the car isn't running. None at all. It's only when I start the car and let it idle do I see the oil on the ground at the tailpipe exit.

If the rings are gone in this car, after only 115k miles, this will more than likely be the first and last BMW I own.
The liquid that is coming out of the tail pipe might not be oil. It might be coolant, unburnt fuel, water or oil.

However, do you have any SES lights?
Any misfires?
Almost every time there is any liquid out of the tail pipe, it is due to misfires. So, I'd check the plugs, plug boots first.
Then hunt for the leak.

There is a 5mm allen bolt behind the engine towards the firewall. Check that bolt too. It might leak from there as well and stay invisible.
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