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**Official winter driving thread**

Hey guys so most places are starting to get snow if you already dont have any, We just got a foot over night. Lots of people simply dont Know what to do when it snows or how to really drive

I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread so members can talk about tires, chains driving habits ect, I Teach performance winter driving as well as some summer driving, I dont know everything but i do know quiet a bit and I figured this would be perfect to help others out, Doug (Dmax) Is going to help with the cooling systems side of things while ill be with the driving part

Im not going to go into to too much detail here but if you take one word of advice from this thread let it be this.

If it snows where you live buy winter tires!

All seasons are not designed for "All seasons" They are designed for a place like Texas where it gets hot and rains thats all they are good for, An all seasons Loses most of its traction when the tempature hits 0c (32f) This is a rough number. Why? Because they are made of a harder rubber to wear good all year round, If it snows where you live and the snow stays on the ground all your round buy winter tires, If this inst practical you can buy All weather tires These are more like what a person believes an all season is, They are made to pass the same tests to qualify a tire a "Winter" tire, They arent quite as good as a winter tire but pretty close They dont replace driver skills but fill in HUGE patches of it, People say to me all the time that they can drive really well and dont need winter tires, Well here is a video of me hitting a COP car with studded winter tires, First accident in the 40 years ive been driving

Feel Free to ask any kind of question thats related to winter driving
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