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Originally Posted by mdyaman View Post
Because it's about setting the example, and in his words, it's about honor. He cannot expect to lead an organization where ethos such as honor and other values are held in high regard, when he, in fact, broke that trust and had an affair.

Originally Posted by BeMyWhip View Post
You won't understand unless you have been in the military.
People in the military are held to a higher standard, and officers are suppose to be the standard bearer.

Originally Posted by flashtwosix View Post
ture....very suspcious especially when he is schedule to tesify to congress about Libya
It does sound suspicious. And Hillary will be gone out of town 'on business' and Obama will be in Asia (Burma). The first time a president has ever visited the nation. Makes you want to go hmmmmmmmm.

Originally Posted by phrozen06 View Post
Sounds like another "phast and phurious"
Could be.

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