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Originally Posted by thefrog1394 View Post
Wait, hold on. Let me get this straight. You start this thread saying you have tons of great winter driving tips and experience and would like to help people out with winter driving knowledge. Then you post a video of YOU crashing into a cop?? Wtf?
If you read i use it as an Example of just because you have winter tires dosent mean you can just drive like its summer, People Around her drive with mud terrains on and use the excuse that they can drive really good, thus not needing winter tires, You could have the most skill in the world and still crash, Because it dosent matter if you have no traction, Which is displayed in the video Im a really great driver but Even with FANTASTIC studded winter tires they dont replace skill and being careful ! Winter weight is great on a RWD vehicle You need around 200lbs to make a a noticeable difference i usually put around 5-1000 lbs in my trucks
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