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Originally Posted by trj View Post
Really? What makes you think I am a douche bag for not liking to mod a car and willing to drive/own 3 very specific cars? I dont remember just saying I will drive a ferrari, a jaguar, or aston martin. I put in very specific models there. What makes you think that I would like to drive what fellow people in a country club drive? What makes you even think I am a member or will be joining a country club?

According to you, everyone who goes to a meeting in an expensive car is a douche bag?
Infact, you made one out of yourself for judging me on what I would like to drive. Your own post is in bold there.

I proudly drive my 325 and work on my 1968 vw beetle to keep it stock, and have(had) my mazda for my daily driving needs. Have owned a stock honda, owned a modified eclipse(bought modified which got me into hating the modified cars) and driven a lot of modified and non modified motor-cycles.
I never modified the 1968 beetle, it still has everything original including the engine, the little 3 speed gear box, even the wheels. If I were in a modifying scene I'd have put some powerful engine and a mohawk on the roof, with crazy paint scheme.

Not trying to rain on your parade and pride of working on your car but What I am saying is, if you are a CEO of a big company and drive a modified honda, what kind of impression are you making on your employees? 5% of your employees might think that you are a practical person and respect you for abilities and will/passion to work on your car, the remaining 95% will not even know you are the CEO if you drive your modified honda your office parking lot.

Also, once you are at the position where you are spending 150k on a car, you will not to turn wrenches in your car(whether you like it or not). May be you have a private garage with a 1967 shelby GT that you like the most and tinker on it for fun. But no way in hell are you going to fix your own car when you are going to spend that kind of money to buy it.

Hell, even if I were to spend 50k on a new car and it breaks down I will send it to the dealership for the repairs under warranty than to tinker on it myself.
And if I can afford 150k car then I can definitely afford to send it for repairs/maintenance. In that position, my time is more valuable than trying to waste my time on modifying/fixing the car.

Even now, if I could afford to send the car for the repairs to an indy, I would rather send it than DIY to save money.
A full time student with a full time job cant afford to send the car for repairs in the dealership, but a CEO can buy the car he wants. And his time is much more important/valueable to tinker or do modifications on his car. Even he does modify his cars, he will pay someone to do it. Get the point here?

I am just against spending money on modifying the cars that came from the factory for a different purpose. Rather spend money on the car that comes out of the factory for the supercar purpose.

Just taking an example of civic as it is one of the most sold cars.
Civic is a small car made for driving in the city and get groceries. I would not turbo a civic and make it into a race car and drive it to work. It defeats its purpose of being recognized as a normal city car. Same goes with a ferrari, I would not take ferrari to get the groceries just because I have one. A modified civic will never be a ferrari and a ferrari will never be a civic. Doesnt matter even if someone puts a jet engine in the civic, it will still be a civic. Jet engines have their place and so does the 4 cyl v-tec, they should never be cross bred.

Be real and mature. Try not to attack someone personally on what he/she wants to drive. It goes against your theories in your own post where you say do not judge the person by what he drives.
If that were the case then all BMW drivers are cocks(but now taken over by audi drivers, top gear), so we all are.
Pull up, you got too deep. BTW never put the word cock in any response to me, in the future. Leave that to your personal life. Not that I JUDGE but in respect to my comfort zone. This is a no cock zone. The sequel will be out in feb

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