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Not sure id sell the oil pan just because i would like to sell the whole motor complete. Im not too sure what a lot of it is worth the car got totalled becuae the A pillar is bent and roof has a giant dent and rear fender/ c pillar has huge dents. Insurance didnt cover me because it was registered in a town which i dont live in anymore and they said they wont cover it because of the garaging of the vehicle so i basically am completely screwed and now have a totalled car that im getting no money for and is just sitting in the driveway. Not sure what options i have other than parting it out:/ i could fix it but it would be thousands in body work and then after that needs a clutch so unfortunatley, i dont think i can afford to fix it. Really bummed out and at a loss as to what i should do. It runs perfect and was my daily driver up until this happened. Anybody know any options i have? Any place to sell this like an auction maybe? If i got 3 grand for the thing at this point id be so happy.
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