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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
Duche Bag status, what cause your rich you should drive what your friends at the local country club drive. Pathetic, disgusting, and what is wrong with this place. You don't judge a man by what he drives, you judge a man by what he does. /thread Get what you like, I personally choose to build my own cars. When my sh!t breaks, I throw my sack over my shoulder and move on. No lawyers, no bullsh!t, no finger pointing, no forum wars. Just good ol wrench turning.
Get a professional job and show up in sweat pants. See if you're still singing the same song.

Just so you know, you're reeking of "live my life a quarter mile at a time."
Originally Posted by jacques chirac View Post
I don't see what is ridiculous by robbing with a sword.A sword in one od the most lethal wepon !!!

It's more easy to kill with a sword than with a gun.

A sword is more frightening than toy-looking gun like glock.

robbing with a sword is a good thing
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