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Originally Posted by black325iBMW View Post
I had an 04' 325i. 5 spd. Sports Package. It was totaled about a month and a half ago and I'm in search of a replacement. This seems like a fantastic deal. I go to school in Baton Rouge and my parents are in Dallas. They would be the ones to drive up to check it out. My only question is (and this goes to anyone with enough e46/ZHP knowledge to answer):

DO all e46's cost as much as my last one did to maintain or did I get scammed by the dealer we got it from?

It had about 104k miles and was about a 9/10 Interior and Exterior. We ended up paying for about 10k in miscellaneous mechanical repairs in the year I owned it. That was in addition to the trim falling off the doors, the headliner peeling everywhere, and somehow the carpet getting soaked in the passenger rear floor whenever it rained...

I'm graduating from LSU this upcoming Summer and want a reliable car to last me until then and possibly a year or so after. Will I be able to maintain this car with only the love and care (plus a couple $k's in repairs) that I so uselessly gave my last e46?

If so, I'd be in for 9.5k.
Yeah, you had a particularly bad experience. Not only does it sound like your car was a problem child, but if you went to the dealer then you probably over paid on parts by about 10% and paid about double for the labor than you would have if you went to an independent shop.

Good Luck everybody!

EDIT: Oh, also. If you want a second opinion on the car you could ask the seller to bring it to either the local bmw dealer (Baron BMW in this case) or a reputable independent shop (I always recommend Auto Tech Services, OP) and ask for a Pre Purchase Inspection to be done. It will cost some money ($150ish? Its been a few years since I've had one) but it is a second opinion from a professional that you can get and trust before spending a few days on the car.

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