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Originally Posted by ode2joy View Post
Just found this post and am pretty sure this is what my 2000 323iT needs. My questions are this: What are the most common symptoms of needing this repair done? What I have noticed on my car vs. other BMWs is lower than average MPG and a burnt oil smell after I get rev it or drive it hard. I do have a minor oil leak from somewhere but haven't investigated yet. I just picked up a valve cover gasket and oil filter housing gasket the other day thinking they were my problem, but this car spent most of it's life in Michigan and has 200k so all signs are pointing this way! Also, my dipstick gets oil all over it all the way up to the top, so I'm suspecting a plugged hose down there, but I never lose oil between changes. Does this sound right to anyone?

It might be one of your Oil Separator hose, maybe its clogged,
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