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Originally Posted by dreamdrivedrift View Post
I've seen the technology center and the build process before and it truly is very impressive. While I find that stuff "cool", it's not the highest on my priority list. I'm more interested in how it engages the driver than the technology behind it, which is funny since I didn't notice you mentioning "how it drove" on your list of what attracts you to it.

On another note, I know we should be trying to conserve, but to me, an exotic should be a louder than hell fire-breathing, lopey-idling, flame-spitting monster, a car that you never dare to utter the words "miles per gallon" within earshot of it.
I am aware of the fire-breathing, lopey-idling, flame-spitting monster definition of an exotic but for me it must be that and more... We are currently living on the XXI Century and a supercar for me must be an all in one package like a swiss knife perhaps. That is what I like of the mclaren, it has it all in one package (Performance, Style, Technology, Efficiency), Sure MPG is the least of the owners concern of said car but having a machine capable of being efficient and practical as well as fire-breathing, lopey-idling, flame-spitting monster is what makes it a masterpiece.

On a side note, I have not drived or rided on a MP4-12c but I have done so in 2 Ferraris (F430, 458 italia) and I must say these 2 feel very very raw in comparison to what Clarkson describes the MP4-12C to be. But on the track where it really matters the mclaren runs circles around all that rawness keeping all the beneftial aspects of practicality and efficiency.
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