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Originally Posted by kaput View Post
I love this. Every dem in here is getting their panties in a twist over every business that announces this kind of thing.

Walmart - All ready don't give them my business
Papa John's - All ready don't give them my business
That local guy who you all wanted to starve in the streets. - Yep, I said it.

Wait till it gets worse. Wait until many stores and chains do this. Are you never going to buy groceries? Are you never going to shop at any stores for items you need/want? What if Amazon cut warehouse hours because of this. Never shop at amazon?

I can't wait to see the reaction of the country, when the majority of businesses start doing this. It will be a hilarious ride for everyone.
Amazon would be tough.

The reality is that some will cut workers & whine and some businesses won't.
The ones that don't, will get my business. I am more than happy to play economic games right along with them.
The ones that don't have a built in marketing plan for slightly higher prices. (And if they are smart they can actually make more profit out of it. If your cost is 14 cents per pizza and you increase by 25 cents and market that you want to keep your employees and keep people in America working, you might even increase your profit that extra 11 cents per pizza. )
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