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Originally Posted by SH4DY View Post
Udub- On a Mustang chassis dyno if you use the "vehicle simulation" it uses the weight and the aero losses you input to calculate the load needed to be applied by the Eddy brake to simulate the acceleration of the vehicle as if it were on the road. Using timed runs or slightly overloading is good for tuning because knock events are more likely to register but in doing power pulls it's not really warranted. I operated a Mustang dyno for over two years and just wanted to shed some light on how they operate. I also don't like seeing cars abused unnecessarily...

Edit to clarify: They are correct in using fourth gear because it's the closest 1:1 trans ratio on a MT. They can speed up the pulls though...

I look forward to the results.
Cool thanks for the info. I did ask the owner about it and he said he felt more comfortable using the correct SAE weight given to him on the book (whatever book that was) so they did it that way.

And to be fair we were tuning on these runs also.

Supposed to get the graphs emailed to me soon so ill post them up.
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