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I feel like I'm getting hated on here... just asking a question. I'm hearing a lot of horrible things, but have yet to read any horror stories/see any evidence.Can someone explain how this wheel size is going to cause problems with transfer case or transmission? It's a little extra width, but how is this going to cause such a drastic impact?

I also read that using the same size tire on both wheels (since it's only a .5 inch difference) might mitigate the effect of the staggered setup. I'm not opposed to running identical 225s or 235s on the front and back. What do you think? Does this make sense, or will the tire still be the same since it would stretch to fill the 8.5" regardless of tire width.

I get that staggered on an Xi doesn't really fit the purpose, but I'm in Texas and don't really utilize the AWD capabilities as it is. Also, I was going to put this in the wheel/tire section, but I thought it'd get more attention in the main forums and I also was inquiring about value, think the general forum would give that more attention. Feel free to move me - sorry.


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