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Shift S3ctor Vids

So I had a good day today and I have some videos:

This one speaks for itself...Marcus had major traction problems and still needs to dial the car in for the new turbo he has...regardless put up a good fight considering. Had a lot of fun out there today

My first run vs a Vishnu 335i wasn't recorded...forgot but you can guess the result quite easily.

For the second run of the day I raced this supra which had 1000hp...from 3-4 I shifted so quick that for whatever reason during the transition from gas off - clutch in, clutch out - gas on...seemed like the car didn't want to go so I let off throttle...then back on throttle and on I went to reel the supra in. This has happened before but w/e mis-shift or magical throttle smash of nothingness...still a fun run with LBerg in the seat This was my worst run of the day unfortunately for him

Here was a very solid run where I started in 2nd gear...this was my third run of the day and I was getting a good feel for the road. He was one of the fastest vettes out there if not the fastest for the day...that I saw so I could've missed something dunno.

Here's my passenger video:

Another viewpoint from one of the three races with my favorite LSB car...one of the first runs with him.

That's all the videos I managed to take...hopefully some others got some good footage too

Day 2:

Here is a video of me and Mike (Mspired HPF 2.5 6776 Turbo) This was probably my cleanest run of the day as I usually got forced to the inside (right) lane because people didn't like it And in all honesty the inside lane does suck a bit more as it's difficult to brake boost and the pavement overlaps there causing some problems with traction. I do believe Mike said he almost lost it at the start on this run because of wheelspin...you can see the problem is mutual lol.

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