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Based on that exchange, it's a good thing you're in couples therapy. You need it. You guys SUCK at communicating.

Quit texting about subjects like this and talk face to face about them instead.

She's saying that her perception is that you don't desire her/aren't sexually satisfied by her. Now, either thats true, or its not true but she genuinely thinks its true, or she doesn't really think that and she's saying it just to dig at you. No matter which of those 3 it is, you defending your fapping habits doesn't do a damn bit of good. You need to address her perception, not where your hand goes occasionally.

Lastly, if she's right, and you dont desire to have sex with her, or when you do, you can't orgasm, maybe you should exercise a little hand restraint and see what the impact on your sex life with her is. It would only take a few weeks of abstaining to find out if it helps, and if it doesnt, there's nothing stopping you from going right back to thrice weekly.

We're also gonna need pics of the table she's talking about. You can't leave us hangin like that.
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