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Originally Posted by WDE46 View Post
You have a really weird way of coming off as a complete asshole. You are condescending. Obviously you think you're better than me for some reason. **** off. Unfortunately, you are the douche here, sorry, ****in guido.
Thank you for taking the time to respond. Do I know you? I think it all comes down to a lifestyle. Some people wanna go to car meets to cook food and kick it family style. Some people have no wife, no kids, zero responsibility and can show up to work in just about any form. If you have a real job and lots of responsibilities in life. You will prolly want a car that is fast out of the box, 430, One-77, SLR, maybe even a 4 door to haul those kids around in. Personally for me, I refuse to drive anything someone else built. Reason being everything breaks, and when your sh!t breaks. You are going to go look for the guy that did "something wrong" It happens all the time. I'd rather look inward and move on to the next one. Build it, don't buy it. Edit so the car comes with heated floors and a clarion head unit?? ROFL

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