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My new CCV did not come with the rubber nipple for the vacuum port. I took my old one off but it seems too loose on new CCV. Anyone know part number or some type of alternate rubber nipple that will fit securely????????????
ode2joy---This link shows the common oil leaks. I am slowly doing OHFG and CCV(already did VCG). Check out the link and compare the leaks to your vehicle.
As Nico stated may be one of your hoses to CCV; my lower hose had a hole in it. The original lower hose had a 90 degree fitting which allowed my hose to bend downwards a few inches from the connector/the hole was right at that bend. The new lower hose has a 45 degree angled fitting and the hose has the protective sleeve to prevent the damage like the original hose.
Just take your time with the DIY's they are great on here. the screws in my back are acting up so I am doing a little each day.
Stinger9--its a curse and a blessing to constantly think of a better way. For the most part, I enjoy it. I actually started out in college as a industrial engineer after the Army; but things changed-went down the management trail in Human Resources and Safety(now Computer Programming trail).
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