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Originally Posted by lab rat View Post
While I think it's perfectly normal, I also think this can not be explained to women. It also kinda depend on how often you do it with her.
The easiest way out of this would be:
Repeat again that it's not the same thing as having sex. Maybe try the itch analogy - hey if your head is itching you scratch it. Guy has a boner he rubs it.
Then saying that giving her one of those three is a good idea. (If she has a sense of humour you can present her with a boner and demand a HJ )
I did not realize this. I'm very liberal and dated very open minded women most of my life and could talk with them very openly about sex. Her reaction to this seemed more like something I would get from a girl who was much younger.

EDIT: I wouldn't worry about this being first post. Likely a member here just didn't want to post under his real name
Oh no. I just picked some random web site that i figured would have a bunch of random men on it. lol

Originally Posted by Bart Taylor View Post
pics of her for reference please.
I aint doing that again.

Originally Posted by Cowspoo View Post
Your girl sounds like an idiot, i feel you why you dont want to fk her.
I do want to **** her. I love her very much. One of the reason we are in counseling is because 90% of the time that we have been living here (about a year) she has been sleeping on the couch for reasons she nor I can explain. She also has a child which makes non bedroom sex more difficult. Did i mention she is bipolar?

Originally Posted by zikhkd View Post
This is why you can't always be honest to them, they always see things with a different perspective
I hate lying, then lying some more to cover up past lies. I have been down that road. I end up not being able to keep my lies straight. But I think you are correct in this case. A little lie here and there to keep this kind or drama out of my life would be OK.

Originally Posted by GRIFFIN View Post
Go fvck your gf before someone else does. Ghey thread.
Post gf nudes
What no GIF? you have never been one to disappoint.

Originally Posted by DropTopKingM3 View Post
This gotta be a joke.. Class of Nov 2012 and this is a 1st post?
You stil got those ipad seats?
Originally Posted by Xcelratr View Post
Based on that exchange, it's a good thing you're in couples therapy. You need it. You guys SUCK at communicating.
No ****. I have pointed this out many times. It does not help that she lies to me a lot for no reason. Shes the type that tells me what I want to hear insted of just telling me the truth.

Quit texting about subjects like this and talk face to face about them instead.
I agree. I tried to end the text before they started but I guess it was eating her up so much she just had to keep on. We have our next therapy appointment monday at 7:00pm tomorrow. I hope something gets accomplised.

She's saying that her perception is that you don't desire her/aren't sexually satisfied by her. Now, either thats true, or its not true but she genuinely thinks its true, or she doesn't really think that and she's saying it just to dig at you. No matter which of those 3 it is, you defending your fapping habits doesn't do a damn bit of good. You need to address her perception, not where your hand goes occasionally.
I'm trying. I had jealous girlfriends in the past but having a girlfriend that is jealous of my hand is new to me.

Lastly, if she's right, and you dont desire to have sex with her, or when you do, you can't orgasm, maybe you should exercise a little hand restraint and see what the impact on your sex life with her is. It would only take a few weeks of abstaining to find out if it helps, and if it doesnt, there's nothing stopping you from going right back to thrice weekly.
I'm gonna give that a try.

We're also gonna need pics of the table she's talking about. You can't leave us hangin like that.
Sorry I deleted that.
Originally Posted by Constantine View Post
Fvck. It is this sort of juvenile post makes me hate what has become of this forum.
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