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Another side note. I actually stopped jerking it for six months or so from March-Aug this year (maybe not completely but no more then once a month) and had no sex drive. This has never happened to me before. So I went to the doctor because I knew something was wrong. I had blood work done and guess what?? I had low T. I was prescribed AndroGel 1.6% Only in the last two months or so was I able to get back to my regular routine. I also explained this to her but she never believes me. Which I could never explain because I rarely lie.
From the beginning she has been the sexual aggressor in our relationship and that was fine. She at some point wanted for me to be more aggressive which is fine I because I can be sexually aggressive I just never had the need to be in our relationship. So I went that way and guess what rejection after rejection to the point I stopped trying. I felt like I was 16 again trying to deflower a chick.
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