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Girl and friend issue..

A bit of history, I've been trying online dating and it seems to be going well. 3 weeks ago I met an older girl (girl A) and I thought our first meet up went very well. we had quite a bit in common. She told me we should meet up again so I waited the appropriate amount of time before trying her again. Fast forward, for some reason I got turned down. She had some stuff to do school related, tried her a week later and never responded.

Met a new girl, (girl B) pretty cute had a good time on our first date and we end up going out with my friends that night. While we are out I run into girl A, and things click to me and it turns out they are friends. I get introduced to her through girl B, and girl A and i instantly know how random this is..I end up going home with girl B, get some action..but my question I screwed? I know how girl friends influence each other get jealous I bring up eventually that I know her friend? Is there any way possible I could get her friend? She is a bit hotter..I'm thinking I should keep getting with girl B while I can and enjoy it..basically I don't want girl A fvcking things up for me..
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