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Originally Posted by bluejayranger View Post

I've been checking oil level before I drive, and she's been ok So far, no significant loss. However, still trying to figure out how to use Allen wrench to pull out drain plug? Soonest I will be able to get her on a lift is Tuesday. Is it possible to be able to pull the drain plug with pliers and 17mm ratchet? Thanks!
flash was assuming you broke the plug, which, when broken, is hollow and lets you shove something like allen wrench into it to extract.

If you didn't break the plug, then you just use a regular socket to remove it.

Also, not sure how you put the plug in, but it's important to start all nuts and bolts by hand, or with just an extension so you can feel that you have the threads right and don't cross thread them.

If you did cross thread, I bet you have enough 'meat' on them still to maybe chase the threads, use new plug, and get a decent seal, though I'd still run a dab of rtv on top of the crush washer to be sure...maybe a bit on threads too.

You or a shop could drill out the threads a bit and retap for larger plug, as I said...if it comes to that.
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